In CS:GO, the first round is often the most important round. This is the pistol round. In the pistol round, both sides are given a pistol and a knife.

During this round, you start off with $800. This means that CT’s are able to buy body armor (kevlar) or they could get a five-seven. Buying the kevlar reduces recoil when getting shot (aimpunch). However, some may opt for the five-seven with its superior ammo. If playing in a lobby, encourage someone to buy a defuse kit and some smokes/flashbangs. This will give CT’s proper utility and firepower. On the T side, I would recommend buying a P250 to one tap headshot the CT’s because the Glock can’t one tap headshot. If you can hide well, consider buying kevlar to avoid getting body shot.

For strategy, always play a pistol round conservatively. NEVER play a pistol round like a rifle round. During this round, try to hold angles like an AWPer would. Being able to hold angles in this round is the most important part. Winning this round means winning the next few round due to the other side having to eco. On the T side, try to play like an entry fragger, being able to have the main CT spots memorized can help because you will be able to shoot them before they shoot you. For CT’s just be able to hold A and B so the T’s can’t plant. Also, never split the team up into bad positions. Always keep it even and be ready to back your team up.

Being able to do this will allow you to play the pistol round better. Other than this, just have good game sense and be able to respond quickly. Before playing a round, always try practicing on a FFA server. This will get you ready to dominate the pistol round.

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