As there are of all minorities, there are stigmas and other features that the particular group is famous for doing or being. For example, Asians are are known to have smaller penises than other races. In childhood, race doesn’t matter much, but the type of person one is matters considerably more. This raises the question: what are these school groups?

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A nerd is a person that lacks social skills and is always studying. Geeks are also people that don’t have social skills, and they often are obsessed with a single topic. Geeks can be obsessed with anything, as long as the obsession is real. That is why there are Star Wars geeks and CS:GO geeks. Both of these minorities are described of having no social life, but nerds and geeks specialize in different things. Nerds are often confused in definition with geeks, because they are so similar.

Often on, nerds are portrayed as being bad to be in media. Nerds are looked down upon and usually wear less than normal clothes. Based on my experience (take this with a grain of salt), everyone is striving to be the best they can. Often, people participate in school related sports and become athletes, but everyone attempts to be as smart as possible. The smartness of the nerds is not looked upon; it is the socially inept people. This is why geeks and nerds are looked down: they have very little friends and seem weird as they execute their conversations badly. People mainly want to be nerds and geeks due to the fact that they will be the underdog.

If one would go along the definition of nerds and geeks, not many exist as most people can socialize with others perfectly fine. There is also the athletic people to talk about. Athletes are defined as people that are proficient in sports. This is why not everyone that participates in sports are considered athletes: you need actual skill. Athletes are looked upon negatively from time to time due to their vulnerability to drugs and supposedly being cocky according to media. They are often portrayed as male in movies (but there are often female athletes as well though). Most of the time though, athletes aren’t mean and are socially acceptable. The reason why people want to be athletes is to be popular and healthy. Also, there is nothing wrong with being an athlete except for the rare occasion of drugs, which is preventable.

Dorks are described as people that act weirdly around others and are socially inept. Dorks have also appeared in media, which the most famous in my opinion being the book series Dork Diaries. Why dorks? Dorks are, again, the underdogs. Also, the mean people portrayed in the media are often nonexistent as people tend to be nice.

Most famous of all are the popular kids. These people are more extroverted, which allowed them to make more friends, leading to the popularity they have. Media tends to portray athletes being part of the popular kids, but the female popular kids are portrayed negatively. In many movies, these girls tend to originate from rich families. This is presumably so due to the fact that most Americans tend to not be rich, which would cause resentment towards the people that can enjoy life more easily than the middle class and poor, who has to work harder. As a result, rich people are viewed negatively as well as the popular girls.

There are more minorities than the five that I have listed above, but these five come up to mind when people think about stereotypical school groups. Comment below if you agree with what I said or not. And please leave a like if you enjoyed the article.


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