Anyone who wants to immerse themselves into games has to make the decision: what type of game should I play? One of the major reasons for playing a type of game is the amount of time that particular game demands.

The most famous genre of game is first person shooter. These games focus on fast-paced combat that usually involve guns. People spend an average of 2.6 hours a day. The average Team Fortress match usually lasts 20-30 minutes, and the average CS GO competitive match lasts about 40-60 minutes. According to players, Overwatch, one of the most popular fps, lasts about 10 minutes. Fps games can last for a wide variety of time, but they shouldn’t take that long. Also, most front person shooters aren’t that time demanding as they measure your skill mostly. If one wants to be good, the game could be time demanding, but they are still doable.

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The next genre is MMO games. These games are online where players play with many people. They feature an open world where players can explore and unlock new features as they play more. 75% of World of Warcraft players typically spend more than 1.9 hours a day on the game. Another study found that an average of 21-22 hours is spent on the game weekly. Either way a lot of time is put into the game. Players tend to put in 100 hours on average to max out their character’s level on the popular MMORPG Guild Wars 2. Another statistic says that an average MMORPG player spends 21-22 hours a week. MMORPG games demand much of one’s time, so only people with a few extra hours a day can play the game. These games are not recommended for people that don’t play often.

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Another popular genre of game are MOBAs. These games are strategic games that are played with teammates. They are played on maps, or arenas, and each player controls a champion with special abilities. The average League of Legends player has spent 1,179 hours on the game. And there are many accounts of MOBAS being a time sink. The reason of MOBAS being a time user is that MOBAS have many aspects that take time in order to master. This genre is only for people that have a lot of time on their hands.

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RPGs are a type of game that envelops a player in a story in a different world. This type of game usually has a world to explore and a story line with multiple endings depending on the choices the player takes. Skyrim, a well known rpg, has an average of 75 hour playtime. Another well known RPG is Mass Effect 2, has an average of 37 hours. The rpgs can vary in length (20 hours to 100), but they are not time demanding. It may only take 8-10 weeks to finish a game if one can only play a few hours a week. Also, since its a story, one can take off from where they left off easily.

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