In CS:GO, there is one particular CT gun that I like. That is the M4A1-S. This gun has the added benefits of a low recoil and silenced shots. It’s one disadvantage is the low bullet count in each clip and a crippling 60 bullets overall. With this guide, I will teach you how to use this gun on the battlefield.

Using this gun takes a lot of skill and patience. Unlike the M4A4, this gun only has 60 bullets. This means you have to use these sixty very carefully. Don’t go around the map wallbanging and prefiring. You also must approach every corner carefully and shoot the enemy before they get a change to look at you. Use the silencer to your advantage. Another tip is to NEVER REMOVE THAT SILENCER!!! Removing that thing makes the M4A1-S the worst gun in the world. So don’t do it. I recommend just holding a few angles and protecting the bomb site with the M4A1-S.

That is pretty much all you need to play well with the M4A1-S. Other than that, you just need to have good game sense. Make sure you can aim for the head and not get AWPed.

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