As my name suggests, I am Chinese. And there are a few things that Chinese people like. One is saving money and another is saving time. Amazon helps us satisfy both of these concerns. There are a few things that I believe gamers should buy on Amazon that are very cost efficient.

To begin, something that a gamer should always have is a mouse. The mouse is always useful whether for everyday life or hardcore gaming. The mouse I recommend is the G502 Proteus Spectrum. This mouse has much customization to it and brings much to the table for gamers like us. It also comes with RGB lighting.

Check out this cool mouse here

Another appliance needed for gaming is a laptop. Laptops are simple and portable. The Acer Aspire has all of the options I need when looking for an affordable gaming laptop. It has an appealing color and shape. It also runs with amazing graphics and has the option to come with a the i7 processor instead of the i5 processor.

Check out this cool laptop here

This will be all of the recommendations for buying on Amazon this time. I believe that we will make this a recurring topic for our blog. I will post new things to buy on Amazon next week.

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