As we are the Nerd Nation, it is natural to talk about one of the most famous things that nerds and geeks are famous for: video games.

League of Legends is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, video game there is. In 2014, League of Legends had 27 million daily players and 67 million monthly players. To put this into perspective, this is about 20% of the US’ current population.


How Do You Play League of Legends?

Gameplay of the game is relatively simple. There are several phases of the game that are easily distinguishable from each other.

Champion Select

Once you’re in the queue and all of the players accept the match,  a champion select screen will pop up. The champion select shows 5 players on both teams, and each person picks a champion to play for the game. A champion is the character players act as that can move, attack, and use abilities. No two players on a team may choose the same champion. There are also summoner spells to choose which give powerful effects with the cost of long cooldowns, and masteries and runes buff your champion in game. Masteries and runes are basically the way to make your champion stronger outside of game.

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Start of Match?

After the match has started, players begin with 500 gold and lv 1. Gold is the resource that allows players to buy items in the shop that increase a champion’s power. The lvs are always reset back to lv 1 to keep all the players equal. After buying starting items, the players select a lane in the map shown below.

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What is the Goal?

The enemy Nexus is the building that one must destroy in order to win. This building is located at the bottom left and top right corners of the map. Turrets, buildings that shoot powerful ammunition at any enemy in target, protect the nexus. The nexus remains untargetable until the turrets in the way are destroyed. All of the turrets in a lane must be destroyed to target the nexus. An inhibitor, the building that summons more powerful minions to the ally side when destroyed, is an important objective due to the ability to shred enemy minions and access the next 2 turrets before winning the game.

There are two other objectives that can make the game easier to win. Killing dragons (located in the bottom side of the river )will grant a team wide buff that lasts the whole game, and killing the baron nashor (located at the top side of the river) will allow nearby minions to become much stronger.

What is the Laning Phase?

For purposes throughout the game, the top lane will be referred to top, mid for middle, and bot for bottom. The area between the lanes will be known as the jg, short for jungle.

Early in the game, minions spawn from the nexus. Minions are creatures that relentlessly march down a lane and attack anyone in their way, including enemy minions. Being the one to kill a minion grants gold to buy items.

You will face an enemy laner, or another champion from the other team, when the laning phase begins. Your job in this time is to secure minions to gain gold and attempt to kill the enemy champion. Kills grant a great amount of gold, but be careful as your opponent is also looking for opportunities to kill you.

The turrets mentioned earlier can protect you when you’re running away from an enemy. The purpose of the laning phase is to destroy the enemy turret. The team who destroys a turret first gains a nice chunk of gold, putting the team in the gold lead. This is important because more gold means more items.

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What is the Mid Game?

After the first turret is destroyed, players begin to group up together to secure objectives and fight as teams. Turrets are taken. Dragons and the Baron is killed. Eventually, the teams will destroy an inhibitor. That is when the late game begins.

What is the Late Game?

The late game is when many turrets are destroyed and players are nearing the maximum item capacity. Gold leads that players took no longer matter as everyone is the same level and completed items. All that matters is teamfighting. Whichever team wins a teamfight often wins the game.

What happens after the game?

After the game ends, the player is taken to a screen and is allowed to chat with the team and enemy team until the players leave the lobby. In this screen, players are allowed to send friend requests and report players for unsportsmanlike behavior.

How good is the game?

This game requires several requirements from players.

  1. As with any game, there will be flamers, people who rage at various things, so learn to develop a thick skin.
  2. It requires time to become better. It is easy to use hundreds of hours in this game.
  3. There is much to learn about game features itself, so there is a lot to remember.
  4. A lot of gameplay is required to unlock everything.

This game isn’t for players who don’t play often. I rate it a 3.5/5 due to the imbalances and flaws of the game. The tutorial isn’t very helpful, so I recommend watching youtubers or reading the wiki.


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