In gaming, energy drinks are becoming very prominent. Many gamers believe that they are as essential to gaming as a mouse. However, are they truly beneficial?


Energy drinks contain a lot of caffeine. Most people should 0nly drink 400 ml of caffeine each day. Red Bull contain 140 ml of caffeine. While gaming, most gamers can drink up to 5 cans in one session. This can cause cardiac arrest in the gamer. While people say that caffeine is not addictive, without it, some gamers may begin to feel withdrawal symptoms that can ruin a day. This is bad for health and can turn someone’s life upside down.

To counter this, people should just stick to the regular cup of joe when gaming. Coffee is all natural and can provide caffeine just the same as energy drinks. When drinking coffee, just remember to use everything in moderation. That will allow gamers to be alert during games and perform to the best of their abilities. I deem coffee as the way to go when you need energy.

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